You Kill Me (2007): Roman Meets with Edward


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The clip roman meets with edward from You Kill Me (2007)

Let's not make this any harder than it's got to be.
Thanks for coming.
Have a nice time in New York?
I'm happy.
You see any shows?
nothing drastic needs to happen.
I'm completely agreeable.
You can plow and I can offer you 15c
on every dollar that we take off the union skim at Bethlehem Steel-
You cleared this with your Chinese daddy?
Let's get something straight, okay?
They're just the money. I still do all of my own-
I started this business after the war- me and Stan Falenczyk.
We had nothing but a plow-
Would you please spare me
that GI Diary bullshit?
You and that other thug started a gang
just like everybody else around here.
You got rich, you had a good run, and now it's time to retire.
This isn't just about business, you Irish asshole.
This is what I do.
If you take it, there isn't dick left for me in Buffalo.
Well, then get out of Buffalo.

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