You Kill Me (2007): Becoming Frank's Sponser


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The clip becoming frank's sponser from You Kill Me (2007) with Ben Kingsley, Luke Wilson

Hi, Brenda.
Just a couple of things:
They're ripping up the playground next door,
so you'll have to park on the street
for the next few weeks;
Second, uh, I have a new list of sponsors
if anyone is looking or...
looking to switch.
Raise your hands when I call your names.
Tom, Robin and Susan
have all volunteered.
And the thing is, at a certain point,
you just decide that the bar is not an option.
I just decide that?
Odds are you're gonna drink again.
You have to want to quit.
It doesn't seem like you do.
Part of me does.
Which part?
Some part I don't like.
Oh, like the dark meat on the chicken?
give it up because you want to,
not because everybody in the room's staring at you.
The first year, it's all about trying.
If you think it's about solving your problem,
you'll fail... a lot.
I'm already pretty good at that.
You wouldn't be giving up anything that you need.
Does that mean you're my sponsor?
Does that mean you're asking?
Is this the part where we kiss?

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