Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire (2005): Karkaroff's Trial


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The clip Karkaroff's trial from Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire (2005)

Igor Karkaroff, you have been brought from Azkaban at your own request to present evidence to this council.
Should your testimony prove consequential council may be prepared to order your immediate release.
Until such time, you remain in the eyes of the Ministry a convicted Death Eater.
Do you accept these terms?
I do, sir.
And what do you wish to present?
I have names, sir.
There was Rosier, Evan Rosier.
He took a piece of me with him though, didn't he?
I didn't know.
Lf that is all the witness has to offer...
No, no, no.
There was Rookwood! He was a spy.
Augustus Rookwood? Of the Department of Mysteries?
Yeah, the same.
He passed information to You-Know-Who from inside the Ministry itself.
Very well. Council will deliberate.
In the meantime, you will return to Azkaban.
No! Wait! Wait, please! Please, I have more! What about Snape? Severus Snape?
As the council is aware, I've given evidence on this matter.
Severus Snape was indeed a Death Eater and, prior to Lord Voldemort's downfall turned spy for us at great personal risk.
It's a lie!
Today he's no more a Death Eater than I am.
Snape remains faithful to the Dark Lord!

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