Gone with the Wind (1939): What's in Tara?


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The clip What's in Tara? from Gone with the Wind (1939)

Is that you, Rhett? We's here, Miss Scarlett!
I knew you'd come.
Nice weather we're having. Prissy tells me you're--
If you make any jokes now, I'll kill you!
-You're frightened? -I'm scared to death!
If you had sense, you'd be scared too.
-The Yankees! -No, not yet.
That's what's left of our army blowing up the ammunition.
We gotta get out of here!
At your service. Where are you going?
-Home, to Tara. -They've been fighting around Tara.
You're going to parade through there with a sick woman, a baby and a darkie?
Do you intend leaving them?
They're going with me, and you can't stop me!
It's dangerous jouncing Mrs. Wilkes over open country.
I want my mother!
I want to go home to Tara!
Tara's probably been burned. The woods are full of stragglers.
The least they'll do is take the horse.
It's not much, but I had trouble stealing it.
I'm going home if I have to walk every step of the way!
I'll kill you if you try to stop me! I will, I will!
All right, darling, all right. Now you shall go home.
I guess anybody who did what you've done today can take care of Sherman.
Stop crying.
Now blow your nose like a good little girl. There.
What's going on? -I'm packing!
Well, stop it and come and get the baby!

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