Gone with the Wind (1939): Yankees Inquiring


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The clip Yankees inquiring from Gone with the Wind (1939)

Open the door.
Good evening, Mrs. Kennedy.
Who is Mrs. Wilkes?
I am Mrs. Wilkes.
-I should like to speak to Mr. Wilkes. -He's not here.
-Are you sure? -Don't you doubt Miss Melly's word!
I meant no disrespect, Mrs. Wilkes.
If you give me your word, I won't search the house.
Mr. Wilkes is at a political meeting at Mr. Kennedy's store.
He's not at the store. There's no meeting tonight, no political meeting.
We'll wait outside till he and his friends return.
Surround the house. Put a man on each door and window.
Keep on with your sewing, ladies.
And I'll read aloud.
The Personal History and Experience of David Copperfield.
"Chapter One.
I am born.
To begin my life with the beginning of my life, I record that I was born.... "

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