Gone with the Wind (1939): Bonding with Belle


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Mrs. Wilkes, there ain't never been a lady nice to me like you was.
I mean, about the money for the hospital.
I don't forget a kindness.
I thought about you being widowed with a little boy if Mr. Wilkes got hung.
He's a nice little boy, your boy is, Mrs. Wilkes.
I got a boy myself, so I....
You have? Does he live--?
Oh, no, he ain't here in Atlanta.
He ain't never been here.
He's off at school.
I ain't seen him since he was little.
Anyways, if it had been that Mrs. Kennedy's husband by hisself I wouldn't have lifted a finger, no matter what Rhett said.
She's a mighty cold woman prancing about Atlanta by herself.
She killed her husband same as if she shot him.
You mustn't say unkind things about my sister-in-law.
Please don't freeze me, Mrs. Wilkes.
I forgot how you liked her.
She just ain't in the same class with you, and I can't help it if I think so.
Well, anyways, I gotta be going.
I'm scared somebody'll recognize this carriage if I stay any longer.
That wouldn't do you no good.
And, Mrs. Wilkes, if you ever see me on the street you don't have to speak to me.
I'll understand.
I should be proud to speak to you.
Proud to be under obligation to you.
I hope we meet again.
Oh, no. That wouldn't be fitting.
-Good night, Mrs. Wilkes. -Good night, Mrs. Watling.
And you're wrong about Mrs. Kennedy.
She's brokenhearted about her husband.

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