Gone with the Wind (1939): Yes


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The clip Yes from Gone with the Wind (1939) with Vivien Leigh

Say you're going to marry me. Say yes. Say yes.
Are you sure you meant it? You don't want to take it back?
Look at me, and try to tell me the truth.
Did you say yes because of my money?
Well, yes, partly.
Well, you know, Rhett, money does help.
-And, of course, I am fond of you. -Fond of me?
If I said I was madly in love with you, you'd know I was lying.
-You say we have a lot in common-- -Yes, you're right, my dear.
I'm not in love any more than you are.
Heaven help the man who ever really loves you.
What kind of ring would you like?
A diamond ring, and do buy a great big one.
You'll have the biggest and most vulgar ring in Atlanta.
I'll take you to New Orleans for the most expensive honeymoon.
-That'd be heavenly. -I'll buy your trousseau for you too.
How wonderful but you won't tell anybody, will you?
Still the little hypocrite.
Won't you kiss me goodbye?
You've had enough kissing for one afternoon.
You're impossible. You can go. I don't care if you never come back.
But I will come back.

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