Gone with the Wind (1939): Leaving


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The clip Leaving from Gone with the Wind (1939) with Vivien Leigh, Clark Gable

Come in.
Melanie, she's...?
Well, God rest her.
She was the only completely kind person I ever knew.
A great lady. A very great lady.
So she's dead. That makes it nice for you, doesn't it?
How can you say such a thing? You know how I loved her, really.
No, I don't know that I do.
It's to your credit that you could appreciate her.
Of course I appreciated her. She thought of everybody except herself.
-Why, her last words were about you. -What did she say?
She said, "Be kind to Captain Butler he loves you so. "
Did she say anything else? She said....
She asked me to look after Ashley too.
It's convenient to have the first wife's permission, isn't it?
What do you mean?
What are you doing?
I'm leaving you, my dear.
All you need now is a divorce, and your dreams of Ashley can come true.

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