Gone with the Wind (1939): Love Confession Part 2


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The clip love confession Part 2 from Gone with the Wind (1939) with Leslie Howard, Vivien Leigh

You mustn't say that!
Who are you to tell me I mustn't? You led me on!
-You made me believe you'd marry me. -Scarlett, be fair!
-I never at any time-- -It's true, you did!
I'll hate you till I die!
I can't think of anything bad enough to call you!
Has the war started?
Sir, you should have made your presence known.
In the middle of that beautiful love scene?
That wouldn't have been tactful, would it?
But don't worry. Your secret is safe with me.
-Sir, you are no gentleman. -And you, miss, are no lady.
I don't hold that against you. Ladies never held any charm for me.
First you take advantage of me, then you insult me!
I meant it as a compliment.
I hope to see more of you, when you're free of the spell of Mr. Wilkes.
He doesn't strike me as good enough for a girl of your--
What was it? Your "passion for living. "
How dare you! You aren't fit to wipe his boots!
And you were going to hate him for the rest of your life.

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