This Is England (2006): Bonding with Combo


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The clip bonding with Combo from This Is England (2006)

Don't worry about it.
I'll have a word with Woody.
I'll sort it, I promise you.
I just feel really bad.
He looked gutted, Combo.
I know, I feel bad, as well, but...
Oh, fucking hell, let's face it.
Woody's not like me and you.
No, he's fucking certainly not like you.
No-one's ever fucking took a swing at me like that.
It's like looking in the mirror.
20 years ago, when I was fucking 12,
taking swings at big men.
I don't know, I just don't like people speaking about my dad,
even in a nice way.
I don't even like people speaking about the war.
You loved him, didn't you?
And then you lost him.
I know what it's like.
To have people walk out on you.
To have people just fucking leave you.
Honest, lad, I know how you feel.

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