This Is England (2006): the Gang's Torn Apart Part 2


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The clip the gang's torn apart Part 2 from This Is England (2006)

Come on, mate.
Shaun? Come on, man. We're off.
Come on, Shaun.
Shaun, man, you can't fucking stay here.
He's just a kid. The things you've said have made him want to stay.
Woody, I wanna make my dad proud.
Listen, love...
See you later, mate.
See you later, Lol, love.
He's 12. I can't leave him here.
Nothing we can do if he wants to stay.
You fucking look after him, do you hear me?
He can look after himself. He's proved that.
See yous later.
Come on, love.
Come on, now.
See you later, mate.
Don't forget, you've got a snake in the grass with you there.
You're a good man.
A brave good man, man.
A really good man.
A cup of tea for the boys there, Banj. Few Pot Noodles or something.
I'm fucking gagging for a shit, me, I'm telling you.

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