This Is England (2006): Combo's Losing It


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The clip Combo's losing it from This Is England (2006)

You know, you're supposed to have a qualified driver in the front.
Are you gonna fucking report me?
Well, it's illegal.
We're really squashed in the back here.
Can one of us come up the front?
Shall we show him? Shall we show him?
Don't look, Comb.
What is it, lad?
Fuck off!
That's my fucking boy! Look at that.
That's why he's in the fucking front, Meggy, you fucking gobshite.
Do you like it?
It's fucking brilliant, that.
Fucking brilliant.
Do you reckon Lenny'll mind that we nicked it?
No, will he fuck. That's going in the middle of the wall, back in the flat.
We'll build all our stuff round that.
That's gonna be our fucking centrepiece. That's the focus.
Glad you like it.
Nice one, son.
What's it called, that flag?
St George's Cross, isn't it, Combo?
Yeah. St fucking George's Cross.
You all right there, Pukes, lad?
Yeah, I am. I was thinking, mate.
You seem a bit quiet, lad.
You got a problem, then, or what?
No, I've just got things on my mind, Combo.
Like what?
Well, like...
Well, can I ask you something?
Do you really believe in all that shit, Combo?
Fucking hell, Comb!
Oi, Gadge, come with me. He's getting me out.
Open the fucking door! Get fucking out now!

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