This Is England (2006): This is England Part 2

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The clip This is England Part 2 from This Is England (2006) Good soldiers, real people losing their lives,...
The clip This is England Part 2 from This Is England (2006) Good soldiers, real people losing their lives, going over there thinking they're fighting for a fucking cause. What are they fighting for? What are they fighting against? Fucking shepherds! Shepherds with fucking... Shut up about The Falklands. Why? Cos I want you to. There's fucking loads of dickheads dying out there for nothing. My fucking dad weren't a dickhead! What are you doing? Fuck off! Shut up! What am I doing wrong? Whoa, there, little one. What's wrong, mate? Tell me the truth. Come on. I just fucking... That's it. Go on. My fucking dad died in that war! Your dad died? Yeah. Get off! Fucking hell, mate, I'm sorry. Fucking shut up about it! I'm sorry, mate. Fucking hell, I'm sorry, lad. I'm sorry. I never knew he died, man. Fucking hell. Oh, look, mate, if I'd have known, honest, I wouldn't have said, man, but what I'm telling you is the truth. I can't lie to you. It's a pathetic war, man. And you want your dad's life to mean something, don't you? And this breaks my fucking heart to say it. We shouldn't have been there. She lied to us. She lied to me. She lied to you. But, most importantly, she lied to your dad. If you don't stand up and fight this fucking fight that's going on on the streets, your dad died for nothing. He died for nothing. You've got to carry it on, man, in here. In your little fucking heart, you've got the pride of your dad, man. Fucking hell. That little fucking whippersnapper has set the standard. Can you believe that, Banj? You can't, can you, at that age? Fucking hell. What a gem. What a fucking gem. All right, look.