This Is England (2006): Hunting Invitation


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The clip hunting invitation from This Is England (2006)

very close to two key events in the War, for the ship.
Just over there, in the Falklands Sound,
she was hit aft by a 1,000lb bomb, which, fortunately, didn't explode,
and there, on Fanning Head,
heavy bombardment from The Antrim took out a key Argentine position.
Like the Army, the Navy is still taking the threat of another Argentine attack
very seriously... well as these Oerlikon guns, the destroyer is armed...
...sea slug, sea cat...
What the fuck?
What do you want, Gadget? You've just nearly put my window through.
Woody wants to know if you're coming hunting.
Hunting? Why?
Because he feels sorry for what happened the other day.
And he just wants to know if you're coming out.
If I come, you're just gonna kick my head in in the middle of a field.
Woody said if I come within five feet of you, he's gonna kick the shit out of me.
And why on earth are you dressed like that?
We always dress like this.
You look stupid.
I know, but it's just a laugh that we have.
I've got you some stuff. Come on.
It's not a trick, is it, Gadget? Woody really wants me to come?
It's no trick, honest. Please?
All right. I'll be down in a minute.
Hurry up!
Hurry up, you. Give me a hand.

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