This Is England (2006): Shaun's Flirting


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The clip Shaun's flirting from This Is England (2006)

Hey, here he is!
Where have you been?
I've been getting a drink.
You've been gone an hour.
Look how pissed he is. Babycham?
Have you had it through a straw?
Pissed as a fart. Look at him.
You fancy Smell, don't you?
Do you like Smell?
Listen, I think, Shaun... I think you've got a great chance.
Oh, aye, love.
You ain't got nothing to lose.
Go on.
She can only say no, mate.
You wanna give it a crack?
This can be a beautiful thing.
Oh, my God. Fuckin' hell.
Boob height.
That might be the perfect height.
Would you...
like to take a turn up the garden with me?
Oh, that's sweet.
You are, you're a little sweetheart.
I told you. It's making me emotional.
Ladies first.
Come on, then.
Watch it.
Ooh, sorry, mate.
It's all right.
Look at the sky.
This is perfect, this is.
Look at the moonlight. It's beautiful.
Like you.
That is so cute.
You're a real charmer, you are.

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