This Is England (2006): Combo Returns

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Published 28 Nov 2011
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The clip Combo returns from This Is England (2006)

What the fuck's that?
That sounds like the coppers, that does.
It's Gadget's mum and dad.
Get the fuck up, Gadge. Listen to me. I want you to be sober. Yeah?
All nice, good, sober.
I am sober.
Of course you are.
Fucking hide all the weed an' that, Milk.
Get fucking out!
Outside now!
If you want us to turn the music down, we'll turn it down.
It's too fucking late for that!
These three.
Now get fucking up! Come on.
I'm coming, just...
Not you. You.
Get outside!
Come on!
It's all right.
Kes, get up.
Look at him! Fucking hell, Combo!
Fucking hell, look at you!
Look at the fucking size of him.
Wow! Fucking look at you!
Oh, fucking hell!
Fucking look at you, man!
Fucking hell.
I missed you, man.
Fuck off, man. You fucking gave me a heart attack, you bastard.
Who the fuck's he?
Three and a half years with this fucking big bastard.
You lovely man.
Tell you what, there's fuck all that this man hasn't seen.
Banjo, yeah? Thanks for looking after him, mate.
Look at the size of him, mate.
Always ready to have a go.
Meggy! How are you, lad?
How are you, mate?
I'm all right.
Milk, fucking hell.
You shit me up there for a minute.
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