This Is England (2006): Milk's Family


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The clip Milk's family from This Is England (2006)

There's biscuits in the cupboard.
Not in that cupboard.
No, not in that cupboard. I'm starving!
How can you fucking live like this? There's not even a mouldy Twiglet.
I'm really starving, man. I've got the munchies badly.
Combo, have you eaten the biscuits?
Fucking hell. What a night.
So, how many uncles have you got?
I've got three uncles and two aunties.
So, a big family, then.
I've got... What is it? 22 cousins.
One uncle's got, what, seven kids.
What, to the same woman, like?
Spread out between three different women.
One's got two, the other's got two, and another one's got three kids.
And he just, like, left these families and fucked off?
Nah, he still sees 'em.
Yeah, to me, he still spends time with them.
They're always round at Christmas and stuff like that. We all get together.
A big party till late in the morning.
Yeah, it's... it's nice.
It is. It's nice having a big family.
Have you got a mum and dad?
Cos you haven't talked about your mum or dad.
Yeah, I've got a mum and dad.
Of course, man.
A good mum and dad. Yeah, I can't knock 'em at all.
I was one of them kids where... my dad was away all the time.
Sometimes he was away for, like, a fortnight, working.
I never blamed my dad or anything like that for him being away and working.
there was always food on that table.
That's what I respect that man for.
Lucky you, aren't you?
I tell you...
you know, any, any time...

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