Carlito's Way (1993): Carlito's Court House Speech Part 2


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The clip Carlito's court house speech Part 2 from Carlito's Way (1993) with Al Pacino, Sean Penn

And I want to thank
a lot of people for that.
I look over there and I see
that man there, Mr. Norwalk.
I want to thank you, sir,
for making the tapes in an illegal fashion.
I would like to thank the Court of Appeals
for reversing you, Your Honor.
And I want to thank...
...Almighty God, without whom
no case gets tossed.
I can't believe this.
I must have forgot. How could I forget... dear, close friend and lawyer...
...David Kleinfeld,
who never gave up on me...
...through everything, thick and thin.
Why don't you just stand up?
I'm sorry.
Mr. Brigante!
Davey Kleinfeld.
You're not accepting an award.
Court of Appeals' decision...
...and the District Attorney's
unfortunate investigative techniques... devolve upon me the painful duty
of unleashing upon society...
...a reputed assassin
and convicted purveyor of narcotics.
No. Never convicted on no dope.
The indictment is dismissed.
Prisoner is discharged. Call the next case.
I'm indebted to you.
I feel like I won.
Excuse me. Congratulations.
No hard feelings, right?
I'll be seeing you, Brigante.

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