Carlito's Way (1993): Pachanga Complains


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The clip Pachanga complains from Carlito's Way (1993) with Al Pacino, Luis Guzmán

So here's me in the club
playing Humphrey Bogart.
Things can get very sticky after hours,
so I bring in Pachanga...
...little extra back-up.
He thinks I'm gonna make him rich... he's worried I'm gonna get killed
before he scores.
I heard about that shit with your cousin.
Why didn't you call me
so I could watch your ass?
That happened a month ago.
You just found out?
You got me chasin' Kleinberg
in the daytime and then you got me here...
Kleinfeld! I hope you're doin' a better job
with him than you are with me.
The guy got a lot of money.
He got a safe in the office
with stacks of hundreds just waitin'...
Kleinfeld is my brother. Look at me.
He is my brother.
Pachanga's only fuckin' around.
Don't fuck around.
Just keep your eyes open.
Watch the bar. They're stealin' money.
I wanna try, but it's so dark in here.
What do you want me to do?

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