Carlito's Way (1993): Kleinfeld's Big Mouth


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The clip Kleinfeld's big mouth from Carlito's Way (1993) with Sean Penn, Al Pacino

Look at the shithead.
These wise guys think
they're so hard-assed.
I am so sick of hoods like that...
...coming into my office, my office...
...thinkin' they can push me around.
You should tell him what you think.
Why hold somethin' like that inside?
Why not get something like that
off your chest?
It's a terrible thing to carry around.
I will.
I think you should.
I will.
See how interested
he's gonna be in your comments.
What're you doin'?
Are you outta your mind?
What's that?
Yeah, you, wop.
You, spaghetti-dick.
Wait. Okay, okay.
I'm talking to you. Yeah, you.
You're talkin' to me?
Just ignore him. He's drunk.
What'd he say?
Sit down!
Who does he think he is?
No problem.
Come on. Let's have a drink.
Come on, everybody.
Can you believe this loser?
Let's go back to the table.
People have no sense of humor.
Let's go.
I was just fooling around.
I'd never let anything happen.
Carlito and me, we take care of each other.
He knows. Right, kid?
Come on.
You're a beautiful woman.
You don't get seasick on boats, do you?
No, I don't.
Just asking 'cause of our little boat trip
tomorrow night.
Just drop it.
Just tryin' to cover all the bases.
It's comin' up, you know.
You two going somewhere?
No big deal. Just a little boat ride.
Why don't you just let it go?
It's dull what you're doin'.

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