The Aviator (2004): Engineering of Aiplanes and Bras


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The clip Engineering of aiplanes and bras from The Aviator (2004) with Matt Ross, Leonardo DiCaprio

Over in Hollywood, aviation tycoon Howard Hughes is cooking up something big.
Even as he edits his new picture, he's been secretly meeting with the U.S. Air Corps.
We applaud his patriotism and look forward to his newest marvel.
You know how many Allied ships we lost because of U-boat attacks?
Six hundred and eighty-one ships...
...just this year so far. The Army needs a new airplane to fly the troops to Europe.
These ships, they're sitting ducks for the U-boats.
You wanna build a troop-carrier plane?
Stop thinking like an insect.
Not just to carry troops, a plane to carry everything.
The troops and the jeeps and the tanks and whatnot. Here, take a look.
No. Other side.
I figure around 200 feet from nose to tail. Wingspan, around 300.
We're gonna need about 24,000 horsepower.
Now, this is just what Kaiser and the Army are looking for.
They're gonna pay for it this time.
What are you getting us into?
Well, it's a big plane, so I'm calling it The Hercules.
Swell name, isn't it?
How heavy you imagine this thing is?
Say around 200 tons.
Well, I didn't say it was gonna be easy.
All right, boys, I want you to rig up something like this.
Should give the proper uplift ratios and reduce need for torque support on the front.
We are not getting enough production out of Jane Russell's breasts.
I want smooth titties, gentlemen. Smooth titties.
It's all in engineering, isn't it, Odie?
Howard... you really think they're gonna let you put out a whole movie just about tits?
Sure. Who doesn't like tits?

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