The Aviator (2004): Defending Cleavages


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Mr. Breen. It's good to see you again.
I haven't seen you all since that situation with all the violence in Scarface.
The situation here revolves around Miss Russell's mammaries.
Mr. Breen feels that they are too prominent, yes?
More prominent than other mammaries have been up on the screen?
Well, I hope to dispel that notion.
Jean Harlow.
Ann Sheridan.
Irene Dunne.
Claudette Colbert.
Rita Hayworth.
Betty Grable. And the lovely Miss Jane Russell.
Now, all these shots, save for Miss Russell, were enlarged from pictures...
...that received Mr. Breen's seal of approval.
Now, as you've probably noticed by now, they all contain mammaries.
I will ask my associate to join me now. May I introduce...
...Dr. Ludlow Branson of Columbia University.
Dr. Branson... a mathematician of some note.
Yes. And he will now demonstrate...
...that in fact...
...Miss Russell's mammaries are no more prominent...
...than any of these other fine ladies'.
Doctor... forgot your calipers.

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