The Aviator (2004): Family Dinner


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The clip family dinner from The Aviator (2004)

We pay our devotion to the arts here. A colony we created.
Julian's a painter. Abstract, of course. What's the point of painting...
...something real when you can just take a picture nowadays?
Where do you stand on politics, Mr. Hughes?
Excuse me?
We're all socialists here.
We are not.
You've met Mr. Roosevelt. What make you of him?
What are you sniggering at?
What? What was that?
You just sniggered.
No, no. The dog. It seems to be crushing my feet.
Oh, my God!
Hey. Hey!
Don't you like dogs?
I will not have you sniggering at Mr. Roosevelt.
Please leave.
No. I wasn't.
I thought everybody liked dogs.
Perhaps he had a bad experience.
Does it upset you that Howard gets more press?
A bad experience with a dog?
No, no.
You are such a shy creature, aren't you?
Perhaps it was a very large dog.
The press can be a damned nuisance.
Was it a Doberman?
A Doberman, Mr. Hughes? Or a dachshund?
Neither, sir.
Dachshunds are little dogs, Hep dear.
They should all be lined up and shot.
What's that Spanish painting?
The Goya.
Goya. Of course. Yes.
Yes, Mexican.
What was that called?

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