The Aviator (2004): Meeting the Press Agent


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The clip meeting the press agent from The Aviator (2004)

I looked down at my pants. It was a strange situation.
Boss. Scram, love boat, let's go.
Another soda. You know what I mean.
Milk. In the bottle.
With the cap still on.
Okay, what did His Highness say?
Son of a bitch won't part with a single goddamn camera.
Why don't you try and make do with what you have.
What I have isn't enough, John, not for how I see it.
My name depends on this picture. If it doesn't work, I'm back to Houston...
...making goddamn drill bits for the rest of my life.
Can't you do it with the cameras you have?
You ought to hear about what's going on with DeMille.
He's shooting his Bible picture. He's gotta do a crucifixion in Fresno.
A bunch of tractors...
You're a press agent, are you not?
You're supposed to know the ins and outs?
Do you?
Yeah, absolutely.
Then you leave the big ideas... me.
Oh, yeah. Of course, boss.
Cigar, cigarettes, Sen-Sen?
I thought you were at the Brown Derby...
...with Trixie. No, Theresa.
Margaret. Exactly.
What happened to Margaret? She lost her...
Thank God that's settled.

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