The Aviator (2004): Quarrel over Publicity


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The clip quarrel over publicity from The Aviator (2004) with Cate Blanchett

Could he have imagined her mammoth wingspan, longer than a football field?
Don't you see how this demeans me?
Since when do you care about scandal rags?
Every time there's a picture of you with another woman, it's a slap in the face.
Don't you understand that?
Well, that's overstating it.
Joan Crawford, Ginger Rogers, Linda Darnell, Joan Fontaine...
...and now Bette Davis, for God's sake.
Look, they're Cracker Jack candy, honey. They don't mean anything to me.
Oh, very nice.
You're the one that said that all men are predators.
I mean, it's all in Darwin, remember?
And am I to expect this behavior to continue after the wedding?
What is really bothering you, Kate?
Is it the women or the publicity?
Can't you eat ice cream from a bowl like everyone else in the world?
Don't you dare.

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