The Aviator (2004): Howard Questions Back


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The clip Howard questions back from The Aviator (2004)

Your story is a pack of lies. I can tear it apart if allowed to cross-examine.
We're not gonna have this bickering.
Yes. Somewhere between two and 500...
...if you'll let me get started.
lf you believe your wealth and power...
...can intimidate any member of this committee, you're mistaken.
Now submit your questions.
I'll put this very simply.
On February 12th, at the Mayflower Hotel...
...did you or did you not tell me that if I were to sell TWA to Pan Am...
...that this entire investigation would be called off?
I did not. And I have asked you to submit your questions in writing.
How long have you known Juan Trippe?
I've known him for some time now.
And that's not the question.
Is it not true that Juan donated $20,000... your last campaign? I mean, he spoke to me as if you worked for him.

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