The Aviator (2004): Owen's Connections to PanAm Exposed


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The clip Owen's connections to PanAm exposed from The Aviator (2004) with Leonardo DiCaprio

I have a personal friendship with...
Is it true you accept free Pan Am tickets to circle the globe... support of your C.A.B. bill?
No, it is not true.
Well, who wrote that bill, senator? Who actually wrote the C.A.B. bill?
The actual words. Did you write them?
This is not how these hearings...
...are gonna be conducted.
I have it. Maybe it'll refresh your memory.
"Bill S-987 to amend the Civil Aeronautics Act."
Now, you introduced this bill to the Senate.
A lot of words.
You write all of them?
Did you write any of them, senator?
Now, look...
Now, this entire bill was written by Pan Am executives...
...and designed to give that airline a monopoly on international travel.
You've been flogging this bill all around the world on their behalf, have you not?
I have duties that take me all over the world, Mr. Hughes.
Well, what the hell does a senator from Maine need to visit Peru for?
I was seeking outlets for our trade goods.
Buy a lot of lobsters down there, do they?
Senator, how many times have you visited Trippe's office in New York... the last three months?
Would you like me to tell you, senator?
All right, this has gone on long enough. Juan is a great American.
His airline has advanced the cause of commercial aviation for decades.
Juan Trippe is a patriot. Juan Trippe is not a man who is interested in making money.
Well, I'm sure his stockholders would be happy to hear that.
We're gonna clear this room.
This is James McNamara speaking to you from the Hughes 2000-ton flying boat...

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