The Aviator (2004): Not Illegal


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The clip not illegal from The Aviator (2004)

The $170,000 paid out to the Air Force in the form of hotel suites...
...TWA stock...
...female companionship.
Now, is it possible that these could be considered bribes?
I suppose you could call them that, yes.
Would you repeat that?
I said, I suppose you could consider them bribes, yes.
Well, would you like to explain that, Mr. Hughes?
I'm afraid you don't know how the aviation business works, senator.
See, wining and dining Air Force dignitaries is common in our business.
It's because we all want the big contracts. All the major aircraft companies do it.
I don't know whether it's a good system...
...I just know it's not illegal. You, senator, you are the lawmaker.
If you pass a law that states no one can entertain Air Force officers, well, hell...
...I'd be happy to abide by it.

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