The Aviator (2004): the Hercules Accellerates


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The clip the Hercules accellerates from The Aviator (2004)

Advancing master throttles.
Advancing master throttles.
As you probably know, I have to do a great deal...
... of screaming into our microphone.
Understood. Lower it 15 degrees of flaps.
Lowering 15 degrees of flaps.
Howard, she's gotta hit 70 to have any kind of chance.
Yeah, I know. I know.
It's a beautiful day here off the coast of Southern California. Blue skies...
... a warm sun...
Twenty-five miles per hour.
And a relatively calm sea...
One would think these eight power plants might shake the craft to pieces...
Take it easy, Howard.
Throttling back for starboard turn 180.
Throttling back for starboard turn 180.
The flight crew itself consists of four men.
Mr. Hughes, however, has added 11 maintenance men to this maiden taxi test...
... stationed at various places throughout the ship, checking points of stress and strain.
How does she sound, Odie?
Sounds good, Howard.
Would you do me a favor?
Would you take a look out that window and tell me what the wind is doing?
I would say that we have a 15-knot wind.
Would you call that a headwind, professor?
I would, Mr. Hughes.
We must maintain silence. We must have quiet during the proceedings.

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