The Aviator (2004): Howard on the Red Carpet


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The clip Howard on the red carpet from The Aviator (2004)

This is an industry town.
And nobody but nobody makes a movie outside a studio.
Some Hollywood insiders over at the Brown Derby may be laughing...
And now, I think...
Yes, yes, I can see Mr. Hughes' car arriving now.
Mr. Hughes escorts the lovely starlet Jean Harlow.
He discovered her for this picture, and we think her platinum blond locks...
... and hot-jazz, baby-doll style are gonna make her a big star.
Howard! Howard!
Over here!
This way, boss. Right over there.
Mr. Hughes, how about a word?
Big night for you, Mr. Hughes.
Big night for you tonight.
Very big. Very big.
Tell us what it was like making this fabulous picture.
So 4 million clams from your own pocket.
Nervous how the flick will fly?
Big night. You enjoy the show.
Yes, well, let me present the feminine star of this spectacle, Hell's Angels...
...Miss Jean Harlow.
Thank you.
I would like to use this occasion to thank Mr. Hughes...
...for the opportunity he gave me. Thank you.
Thank you! Now I'd like to ask Roscoe Arbuckle... introduce his pet lion cub, Gilmore.
What's the matter with you? Can't remember my name?
I'm sorry. Roscoe Turner, and this would be Gilmore.

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