The Aviator (2004): Stuck in Editing


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The clip stuck in editing from The Aviator (2004) with Leonardo DiCaprio

In the halls of 7000 Romaine...
... it goes on day after day, month after month.
Howard Hughes is now editing some 25 miles of film.
Heck, I say release it now and give the world its first 560-hour movie.
Pat, Mr. Hughes needs this reel in the projection room right now!
Enough is enough, Mr. Hughes.
Are you ever gonna let us actually see this epic of yours?
Hurry up!
Who is it?
Come on in.
I've been on the phone to Houston for three hours.
We're fixing every goddamn book we have.
Wait, wait.
Yeah. Run reel 10 again. I think we're duplicating a shot here.
And tell Jimmy I want 10 chocolate chip cookies, all right?
Medium chips, none too close to the outside.
Got it?
You remember that goddamn shot from reel 10?

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