The Aviator (2004): FBI Search


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The clip FBI search from The Aviator (2004)

Sir, the FBI are at the house.
This is outrageous! Everything here is the private property of Hughes Productions.
My legal counsel is on the way...
Federal warrant.
Don't interfere with the search, sir.
Dateline: Los Angeles. Howard Hughes has a new houseguest.
No, it's not another beautiful starlet. This time it's the FBI.
Noah, you've got to help. This is the 10th time they have been here.
Rumor has it that agents working for Senator Owen Brewster...
... have practically taken up residence in the aviation mogul's home.
Look, I mean, they are touching things.
Noah, they are touching things.
Just keep yourself calm...
... and I'll be down there as soon as I can, Howard.

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