The Aviator (2004): Car Collision


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The clip Car collision from The Aviator (2004) with Kate Beckinsale

It's bad enough I have to endure those gym shoes of yours.
But I get all dolled up and we go out in this jalopy without a hood.
Ava, will you marry me?
No, Howard.
Well, why not, for heaven's sake?
In the first place, I don't love you.
In the second place, I'm still married.
Look, you got girls stashed all over town. You got a damn harem just at the Bel-Air.
Marry one of your bungalow girls.
Those are employees. I won't marry an employee. How would that look?
What is going on?
Oh, my God!
Goddamn it!
Faith, what the hell?
Look out!
Goddamn, what the hell are you doing?
Are you okay, lady?
What are you doing with her?
We are going to dinner. Now, get out of there.
Get that crazy bitch away from me!
Don't you love me anymore?
Course I love you, pork chop.
Ava, look over here. Howard.
Juan Trippe is working with Senator Brewster now.

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