The Aviator (2004): Howard Courting Ava


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The clip Howard courting Ava from The Aviator (2004) with Kate Beckinsale

Ava, what do you think about Trans World Airlines?
Transcontinental and Western doesn't fit anymore.
We're international, we need a name that reflects that.
Trans World is good. Kind of peppy.
TWA, right?
That way you don't need to repaint any of the planes.
That's you. Always pinching pennies.
Hand me my wrap.
Knock it off.
I have something for you.
Stay here.
What the hell is this?
It's a present.
Go on, open it.
Oh, a box of trash. You shouldn't have.
Keep looking, keep looking.
It's a Kashmiri sapphire.
I had my boys all over the damn globe looking for this.
It matches your eyes.
I am not for sale.
For chrissakes, it's just a present.
You can't buy me, Howard, so stop trying.
Don't buy me any more diamonds or sapphires or any other damn thing.
You can buy me dinner. How about that?
Jesus, Ava.

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