Barton Fink (1991): Geisler Yells at Barton Part 2


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The clip geisler yells at barton Part 2 from Barton Fink (1991) with Tony Shalhoub, John Turturro

We were all very excited.
I told him it was great.
Understand that?
Now my ass is on the line.
He wants you to tell him all about it tomorrow.
I can't write anything by tomorrow.
Who said write? Jesus, Jack can't read.
You got to tell it to him.
Tell him something, for Christ's sake.
Well, what do I t-tell him?
Yes, Mr. Geezler.
Jerry, Ben Geisler here.
Any screening rooms free?
Good! Book it for me.
I got a writer here. He's coming in.
You're going to show him wrestling pictures.
I don't give a shit which ones!
Isn't Victor Sjoderberg shooting one now?
Show him some dailies on that.
Okay, Ben.
All right.
This will give you some ideas.
8:15 tomorrow morning at Lipnick's house.
Broad strokes.
Don't cross me, Fink.

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