Barton Fink (1991): Dinner with Mayhew and Audrey Part 2


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The clip dinner with mayhew and audrey Part 2 from Barton Fink (1991) with John Turturro, John Mahoney

maybe it's none of my business,
but don't you think a man with your talent...
your first obligation is to your gift?
Shouldn't you be doing whatever you have to
to work again?
What would that be?
I don't know.
But with that drink,
you're cutting yourself off from your gift
and your fellow man
and everything your art is about.
Oh, no, son.
I'm building a levee...
gulp by gulp, brick by brick...
Putting up a levee
to keep that raging river of manure
from lapping at my door.
Maybe you better, too, Barton,
before you get buried under his manure.
My honey pretends to be impatient with me,
but she'll put up with anything.
Not anything, Bill.
Don't test me.
You're lucky she puts up with you as much as she does.
Maybe to a schoolboy's eyes.
People who know about the human heart, though,
maybe they'd say, "Bill over here,
he gives his honey love,
and she pays him back with pity,
the basest coin there is. "
Stop it, Bill.

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