Barton Fink (1991): Detectives Comes Back


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The clip detectives comes back from Barton Fink (1991) with John Turturro, Richard Portnow

"He left this morning.
Said he had a job to do.
There was something in his eyes,
something new.
What's to become of him?"
We'll be hearing from that crazy wrestler,
and I don't mean a postcard.
Fade out.
The end. "
I thought you said you were a writer.
I don't know, Duke. I kind of liked it.
Keep your filthy eyes off of that.
You made the morning papers, Fink.
Second one of your friends to die.
You do get around, don't you?
You didn't tell us you knew the dame.
Sixth floor too high for you, Fink?
Give you nosebleeds?
Just tell me one thing.
Where'd you put the heads?
Charlie's back.
No kidding, bright boy.
We smelled Mundt all over this.
Was he the idea man?
Tell us where the heads are.
Maybe they'll go easy on you.
Only fry you once.
Come back later. It's too hot.
My head's killing me.
All right, forget the heads.
Where's Mundt, Fink?
He teach you how to do it?
You two have some sick sex thing?
He's a man.
We wrestled.
You're a sick fuck, Fink.
Charlie's back.
It's hot.
He's back.

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