Unforgiven (1992): The Duke of Death


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The clip The Duke of Death from Unforgiven (1992) with Gene Hackman, Saul Rubinek

They look like real hard cases, Bob.
Did you kill all 7 of them?
Or just wing some of them?
That you here embalmed on the cover?
"The Duck of Death?"
The Duke.
"The Duke of Death."
You always were good with a pistol, but 7 of them? Boy!
Protecting that woman. How the hell do you do that?
It's desirable in the publishing business to take a certain liberty when depicting the cover scene.
For reasons involving the marketplace.
From what I read, the writing's not that much different than the picture.
I can assure you, Mr. Daggett that the events described are taken from eyewitness accounts.
Eyewitnesses? -Yes, sir.
Like the Duck himself, I guess.
The Duke.
Duck, I says.
"'You have insulted the honor of this beautiful woman, Corcoran' said the Duck.
'You must apologize.'
But Two-Gun Corcoran would none of it.
Cursing, he reached for his pistols and would have killed him but the Duck was faster and hot lead blazed from his smoking six-guns."

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