Unforgiven (1992): Skinny Warns Bill


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The clip Skinny warns Bill from Unforgiven (1992)

Damn it! Jesus!
Get your finger?
Hello, Skinny.
You snuck up on me.
Like her?
I heard you done the roof yourself.
Jesus, I did practically the whole damn thing myself.
The Roberts boy carried wood for me, but that's all.
What's that wood?
I'm building a porch here so I can sit of an evening and smoke my pipe and drink coffee and watch the sunset.
Came out here just to take a look at her?
Them whores been humping all them cowboys been through town the last two weeks.
We got railroad barons and cattle barons.
You'll be the first billiard baron.
They been humping and telling every bowlegged one of them they'll pay $1,000 to whoever kills the two boys that cut up Delilah.
Those cowboys are riding that beef down to Kansas and Cheyenne?
All week long?
I didn't hear till last night myself.
The word's got all the way to Texas by now.
Nobody will come clear from Texas.

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