Unforgiven (1992): English Bob


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The clip English Bob from Unforgiven (1992)

Maybe you don't wish to give offense, sir but you are giving it pretty thick.
This country don't need no queens whatsoever.
When I heard about queens... -Shut up, Joe.
What's wrong with you? This dude...
Might be this dude here is English Bob.
Works for the railroad shooting Chinamen.
Might be waiting for some cowboy to touch his pistol so he can shoot him.
Is that a fact, mister?
You English Bob?
Let's shoot some pheasants.
Ten shots.
And let's say $1 a pheasant.
I'll shoot for the Queen, and you for whomever.
That's 8 for me and 1 for you.
That comes to 7 American dollars.
Pretty damn good shooting for a John Bull.
No doubt your aim was affected by your grief over the injury to your President.

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