Unforgiven (1992): Talking by the Fire


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The clip Talking by the fire from Unforgiven (1992) with Morgan Freeman

Got used to my bed. This ain't going to be like home.
That ain't the only thing I'll miss.
Hell, I'm sorry.
Don't fret it. It ain't nothing.
She don't like it much you riding off with me.
Gave me the evil eye.
You know, Sally's Indian and lndians ain't over-friendly.
I don't blame her.
I won't hold it against her.
She knew me back then.
She knew what a no-good son-of-a-bitch I was.
She ain't allowing that I changed.
She don't realize I ain't like that no more.
You know women. -I ain't the same, Ned.
Claudia straightened me up. Cleared me of drinking whiskey and all.
Going on this killing don't mean I'll go back to the way I was.
Just need the money.
Get a new start for them youngsters.

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