Unforgiven (1992): Ned is Dead


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The clip Ned is dead from Unforgiven (1992)

Ned's share?
He went south. We'll catch up.
He's dead.
What do you mean?
He went south yesterday. He ain't dead.
They killed him. I thought you knew.
Nobody killed Ned!
He didn't kill anyone, he went south!
Why would anybody kill Ned?
Who killed him?
Little Bill.
The boys caught him. Little Bill beat him up.
He was making him answer questions and beating him up, then Ned just died.
They got a sign on him says he was a killer.
A sign?
In front of Greely's.
A sign on him in front of Greely's!
These questions he was asking what were they?
About where you and him was.
Then what?
A cowboy come in saying you killed Quick Mike in the shithouse at the Bar T.
So Little Bill killed him for what we done?
Not on purpose.
But he started hurting him worse.
Making him tell stuff.
First, Ned wouldn't talk.

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