Unforgiven (1992): Munny and Delilah


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The clip Munny and Delilah from Unforgiven (1992) with Anna Levine

I thought I was gone.
I wouldn't normally pay no notice to high country like this.
Trees. But I'm sure noticing now.
Thought I was dying for sure.
I brought your hat.
You left it down at Greely's.
That sheriff still looking for me?
Little Bill?
No, he thinks you went south.
Are you really going to kill them cowboys?
I guess.
Still a payment coming, isn't there?
The other two, your friends they're taking advances on the payment.
Free ones.
Alice and Silky been giving them free ones.
I see.
Would you like a free one?
I guess not.
I didn't mean with me. I meant Alice and Silky would give you a free one if you wanted.
That's all I meant.
I didn't mean I didn't want a free one because you been cut up.

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