Mask (1985): Family Friction


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The clip family friction from Mask (1985) with Eric Stoltz, Cher

What are they learnin' you at school?
Same old stuff, math, history...
Yeah? First you get an education then a job with some security.
I tried to tell that to your mother.
She never went for the old 9 to 5.
What was it you said, Rusty? I'm really more...
The freelance type.
Yeah, the freelance type!
I got her a job interview once at the gas company. Luca Pezio's brother,
what the hell was his name?
She shows up in this kooky outfit with her hair up to here
and these lines painted under here. Looked like she had spiders
under her eyes. Remember that, Rusty?
Yeah, I remember, Pop. The guy's name was Vinny.
He wanted to give me a job. He also wanted to give me a bonus.
So, I took the bonus and told him to shove the job up his ass.
Rocky, find out what time the game's on the tube.
It usually starts at two thirty but I'll check.
Wow! Grandpa gave me tickets to the game! Can I go? Check it out!
Come on, Rocky, let's go. The team needs you.
Bye, Mom. See, you, Gar.
See you, Rock.
He tried, honey, he really tried.
It's OK, Mom.
Anyway, I'm glad Gar is back.

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