Mask (1985): First Day of School


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The clip first day of school from Mask (1985) with Cher, Eric Stoltz

Rock, honey, your limo's here!
Can you turn that down, Mom?
I don't wanna go, Mom.
Then don't go.
But I gotta go.
Then go.
That's easy for you to say. Mom. You're not the one going to a school
where kids will run away when they see you, making fun of you.
When they stop running
and get to know you, they like you. Just like at your other school.
It takes time to like each other. Why should it be different for you?
I am different, Mom.
You're more beautiful inside than most people. Whoever can't see that...
Screw 'em!
Spoken like the true son of a red-headed woman!
Your sister Rose is dead!
You're weird.
Get outta here!
Thanks, Doze. No, I gotta do this alone. Have a good day.
Hey, kid. Take off your mask!

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