Mask (1985): Picking Up Rocky


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The clip picking up rocky from Mask (1985) with Cher, Eric Stoltz

You look great!
How are you?
Where's your stuff?
Over there.
My buddy!
Hey, Babe!
Doesn't he look great?
Mom, I have some great news.
Me too.
You first.
I quit. I'm clean as a whistle.
Alright, Mom.
Yeah, I even called the drug rehab, twice.
What did they say?
Well, I hung up.
Well, it's a start.
What about your news?
It's no big deal. I met a girl. We're going out.
Come on, tell us!
Her name is Diana.
She's beautiful. She's got Long blonde hair.
She rides horses, she's smart
and she loves me.
What's not to love about you?

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