End of Days (1999): Satan Explains His Views


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The clip Satan explains his views from End of Days (1999) with Kevin Pollak, Gabriel Byrne

It wasn't your fault.
I wasn't there.
No, you were just...
You were out doing your job.
I wasn't fucking there!
Oh, look at you. Torn apart by guilt.
You didn't do anything wrong. You were an honest cop. You didn't take money.
You had to testify against them even after they threatened your family.
Most people would never testify against those guys.
They're not like you. You had to do the right thing.
And where was God, hmm?
He could've stopped it, but he didn't. He fucked you. Then He made you feel guilty.
Me, I don't do guilt. I didn't do what happened here.
He did. Now you just think about that.
Then you tell me who's really your friend.
I can make it like it never happened.
All for the price of a stranger's address.
You will never see the girl!
Now, you see... Now you're upsetting me.
You don't want to see me upset, believe me.
Oh, you want to fuck with me? You think you know bad, huh?
You're a fucking choirboy compared to me! A choirboy!
You're in touch with your anger. I really like that.
I don't know about you, but I'm going to have a drink.
You and I are so much alike.
We're nothing alike! Nothing!
Look at yourself. Look at this. Look at what you are now.
You walked away from the light, just like me. You want one?
You need to get out, now.
Come on. You know what's in your heart.
We're on the same side. I'm not on your side, and I never will be.
You're on His side? He's the one who took away your family.
Let me tell you something about Him.
He is the biggest underachiever of all time.

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