End of Days (1999): Police Arrive on the Scene


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The clip police arrive on the scene from End of Days (1999)

This guy is no ordinary hit man.
No, this one's extraordinary.
Let's get the hell outta here. This place is making me itch.
Drop it! Don't move! Don't move! Freeze!
Don't move! Freeze!
Oh. It's us.
Jesus! How the hell did you two find this place?
Lucky guess. So what did you find out?
His name's Thomas Aquinas. He's a priest.
Why don't you tell us something we don't know?
A homicidal priest. That's good.
Yeah? Well, it gets better.
He studied at the Vatican. He was one of their alleged visionaries.
Came here in '81 to St. John's Church downtown.
Six months ago, he disappeared.
Priests there say he was having a spiritual crisis.
Oh, yeah. That's what this is about.
Spiritual crisis. Doesn't make any sense.
What's a priest doing shooting at a Wall Street banker?
A Wall Street banker, by the way, who suddenly disappeared.
Maybe we should ask the girl.
What girl?
Uh, the guy. The guy. Priest guy.
There's five million women living in New York City.
How we gonna find her without a name?

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