Brokeback Mountain (2005): Jack in the Bar


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The clip jack in the bar from Brokeback Mountain (2005) with Jake Gyllenhaal

Jack Twist, hangin' on for dear life!
And down he goes! Watch out there, fella!
He's comin' for you. Send in the clowns!
Okay, a fine ride by Mr. Twist
Four seconds for him
Give 'em a hand, folks, our very own rodeo clowns!
Give us a beer, Doug
I'd like to buy Jimbo here a beer
Best damn rodeo clown I've ever worked with
No thanks, cowboy
If I was to let every rodeo hand I pulled a bull off of...
buy me liquor, I'd have been a alcoholic long ago
Pullin' bulls off of you buckaroos is just my job
So save your money
for your next entry fee, cowboy
You ever try calf ropin'?
Do I look like I can afford a fuckin' ropin' horse?

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