Brokeback Mountain (2005): Ennis and Jack's Preparation for a Fishing Trip


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The clip ennis and jack's preparation for a fishing trip from Brokeback Mountain (2005) with James Baker, Pete Seadon

I told you what she could do it, now I'm gonna show you.
Say, didn't that pissant used to ride the bulls?
He used to try!
Ennis, see you in a couple weeks fish should be jumpin'. Jack
have you seen my blue parka?
Um, last time I seen it you was in it...
Day we had that big ice storm...
Well, could have sworn I seen it here
You know...
you've been goin' up to Wyoming all these years
Why can't your buddy come down here to Texas and fish?
Because the Big Horn Mountains ain't in Texas
And I don't think that his pick-up could make it down here anyway
New model comin' in this week, remember?
You the best combine salesman we got
You're the only combine salesman, in fact...
Yeah, well, I'll be back in a week. That is unless I freeze to death...
And I'll freeze if I don't find that Parka!
Well, I don't have the goddam Parka!
You know, you're worse than Bobby when it comes to losin' stuff
Oh, speakin' of Bobby, did you call his school about gettin' him a tutor?
I thought you were gonna call
I complain too much
The teacher don't like me...
Now it's your turn
Okay, fine, so I'll call later
All right, fine...
I got 14 hours of drivin' ahead of me
See now, it don't seem fair
You goin' up there two or three times a year...

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